The Effect of Spousal Loss on the Cognitive Ability of the Elder, with Changsu Ko, The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 2022.
Public finance responses to COVID-19 in Korea, with Jaehyun Jeong and Kyungho Song, National Tax Journal, 2020.

Publications (in Korean)

지역화폐(지역사랑상품권)의 경제적 효과: 소상공인 매출액에 미친 영향을 중심으로,with Kyungho Song, 한국경제의 분석, 2021.

Working Papers

Heterogeneous Local Employment Multipliers: Evidence from Relocations of Public Entities in South Korea, with Wookun Kim and Changsu Ko. 
[Working Paper]
The Economic Effects of a Rapid Increase in the Minimum Wage: Evidence from South Korea Experiments, with Taeyoung Doh, Koo il Kim, Sungil Kim, Kyungho Song.
[Working Paper]